The Process

At the heart of our technology for Waste-to-Energy plants is the Martin reverse-acting grate Vario. Based on the principle proven for many decades in projects all over the world, but a new development, combining the vast experience base with e.g. greater flexibility to changing waste qualities. Which will be a fact over the 30+ year lifetime of such a plant.

We have the knowledge how to most efficiently run and control the combustion process and design the proper steam boiler for different applications including elevated steam parameters to increase electrical efficiency. We also have the know how and experience to put together the entire plant, working with experienced and reliable partner companies.

Our plants are purpose designed to meet client requirements regarding output of energy, electrical and/or steam, re-use of bottom ash and emission control. All plants are designed to meet European emission standards, the most stringent in the world for any industry. In actual operation our plants will safely perform well below European emission standards.