WtE plants are designed for a variety of specifics, including size, feedstock, output energy, visual amenity, community and regulatory requirements. These plants use a range of different technologies and therefore must have an ability to adjust to changing conditions over time. As a result, it is common that Martin plants undergo expansion and refurbishment in order to increase longevity and to enhance productive and economic efficiency. New generations of Martin plants build on the successful designs and implementations of past engineering and research, in order to bring new technology to the WtE solutions needed for the future.



Martin plants have been in service in many countries for many years. There are now more than 400 plants worldwide running almost 800 combustion lines.

The total waste burnt per day by Martin plants exceeds 250,000 tonnes – more than 80 million tonnes per year. Martin is the largest provider of thermal combustion for waste by this measure. Martin GmbH accounts for more than 30% of the world market for WtE plants.

37 new plants are now in some stage of contract and/or development.

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