How We Work

The Joint Venture Martin Biopower brings together sound expertise from Australia and Europe. The input for technical design and project set-up is led by Martin GmbH, which has specialized in grate-based Waste-to-Energy technology since 1925. Plants with Martin technology can be found in 33 countries worldwide. Martin GmbH invests heavily in research & development, always being at the leading edge of thermal waste treatment technology.

The Joint Venture partners from Australia combine long-time experience in local government with excellent contacts to all parties involved in bringing complex infrastructure projects, like Waste-to-Energy, to success and for setting up all necessary contracts and financing.

All this is combined in Martin Biopower.  See more about our main activities / roles below.



General Contractor

Martin Biopower will both develop/own Waste-to-Energy projects but will also answer to tenders by public or private clients. In most cases, supply of a turnkey plant will be requested, including at least the entire electro-mechanical part, but often also the civil part, in which case a General Contractor arrangement is appropriate.

Martin GmbH has acted as a General Contractor for many projects, latest examples being the plants in Mainz and Suhl (Germany) and Giubiasco (Switzerland). To carefully select partners for various parts of the plant, like flue gas treatment / energy usage / electrical-control is well-established business practice. This will be combined with the expertise of the Australian partners in the Jont Venture and experienced companies based in Australia.



Component / Lot Supplier

As this is at the heart of our expertise, Martin Biopower is well established to supply the combustion system or the lot combustion system / boiler to a project. We don’t only perform the detail design of the combustion system, but we have also considerable experience in the design and the supply of steam boilers. Both are very closely linked and are mostly tendered together.

Manufacturing of components will be organized in Australia or in the Asian region.



Combustion Service

Martin Biopower attaches great importance to service. We provide support in the form of overhaul and maintenance work throughout the entire service life of the combustion systems and boilers we deliver. Depending on the tasks and customer requirements, this work is carried out:

  • entirely by Martin Biopower staff
  • by the customer's staff working together with Martin Biopower employees
  • by the customer's staff working under the guidance of a Martin Biopower specialist

In all these scenarios, there is only one face to the customer. It is Martin Biopower's responsibility to ensure that the work carried out complies with quality standards and that deadlines are met. The services rendered are documented in a final report containing a list of the spare and wearing parts installed and recommendations for ongoing operation. In addition we offer maintenance contracts which follow a clearly defined framework covering work performed at regular intervals such as overhauls, repair work, supply of spare parts etc. and include the staff required for the performance of this work. As part of the service, Martin Biopower informs customers of new technical developments and reports on experience gained in other plants.

Martin Biopower will also assist in or organize service work for all parts of the plant.



Spare Parts

Reliable, long-term provision of original spare parts to plants is of key importance. This means not only delivering high-quality spare parts manufactured by proven, quality-controlled suppliers but also offering advice on optimizing the level of spare parts held in stock, for which either Martin Biopower or the customer bears responsibility.

We maintain our own large stock of cast-steel parts to provide for any urgent need as part manufacture can  involve long lead times. This enables us to meet most requests for express orders with tight delivery dates.