Our team has the benefit of over 40 years knowledge and experience of Australian conditions, matched with over 90 years experience from the leading experts in thermal waste treatment, for energy and materials recovery around the world. We are able to deliver project designs and project management through all stages for a new plant development. We are able to do this for both single client projects and projects requiring the participation of multiple stakeholders.

We are able deliver outcomes for meaningful community consultation and packaging of projects for:

  • Regulatory approvals
  • Risk assessment
  • Financing (including grant funding, contracts and tenders)

Our focus is on the latest plant designs from Martin GmbH, which are both market share and worldwide technology innovation leaders in thermal combustion and treatment of waste for power generation.



Our company benefits:
  • Martin Biopower is completely independent of any affiliation with industry conglomerates, financial investment or political institutions.
  • Our analyses are based upon our in-house assessment of trends and the technical assessment and designs. These skills come direct from Martin GmbH Munich, which is the world leader in thermal combustion technology and has more than 700 combustion lines in operation worldwide.
  • We have specialist knowledge of the environmental, regulatory and energy frameworks for Australia and New Zealand. We also maintain a relevant data base of world trends in Waste-to-Energy (WtE) development.
  • We will work with you to fully comprehend the strategies for your business growth and will provide an objective analysis of options, resources and time needed to attain your goals.

Community Consultation

It is vital that communities have information that is honest and relevant about any new technology that will impact their lives. Our goal through community consultation is to provide balanced information and discussions, in order facilitate informed decisions and the appreciation of the costs and benefits of any present or future changes.

We can prepare programs that will serve as guidelines to facilitate general discussions and familiarisation of WtE plants and optional thermal technology. This includes programs for public meetings and discussion groups.

In situations where specific consultation programs are desired for project approvals with environment or zoning authorities, we negotiate and time-program the specific issues, times and consultation materials.

As a company, our philosophy is simple. We need to facilitate support for the technology we promote through well-informed judgements and practical examples. We therefore support programs for energy-related projects in schools and communities. We sponsor exchange internships on WtE science between educational institutions of Australian and European centres and we will help facilitate both the local use and production of energy. We also plan to facilitate visits to operating Martin WtE plants in Europe and beyond, in order to educate people about WtE as a powerful means of addressing the waste dilemma.


Financial Assessment

We will prepare or assist with the detailed analysis required for capital and ongoing operating costs for projects. We will work independently with your in-house staff or with your preferred advisers to optimise solutions that fit your business model.

Our work for a complete analysis will typically cover the following areas:

  • A standalone project or participation in a project.
  • Grants and subsidies available.
  • Taxation issues.
  • Revenue from energy and recovered material.
  • Capital costs and capital facilitation.
  • Whole of life costs and revenue scenarios.

Risk Assessment

WtE Plants typically require significant capital and reliable markets. Plants, when well managed, will have a life of 30 + years.

Our risk-assessment for projects are separately performed for:

  • The period covering the signing of an MOU for a project to Plant Commissioning and
  • Post commissioning through the assumption of a minimum 20 year plant life.

We will develop a profile and mitigation strategy for controllable and non-controllable risks addressing any particular client concerns, whilst scoping the minimum areas of:

  • Financing
  • Technology
  • Operational efficiency
  • Local and general political issues
  • Market supply and demand and competition
  • Return from plant products and services
  • Insurance

Tenders & Contracts

Scoping Requirements and Approvals

We can provide a timeline and a critical path showing the steps and dependencies involved in the commissioning and approval procedures. This process helps you integrate your progress with resource allocation requirements and changes to business models. It also provides the framework for assessment of progress, board decision-making and the statutory reporting requirements for major projects.

Applications and Licences

We are familiar with the timing and process for obtaining approvals to progress projects forward. We can work through the conditions and processes required for the project results. We do this by maintaining a constant focus on maximum cooperation and minimal delay.

Formalities and Probity

We will factor in the formalities necessary for your decision-making, including the processes and determinations of infrastructure and approval authorities covering planning of the project. We will also provide, where needed, a joint strategy to ensure ‘process’ does not impede progress toward the commissioning of a successful project.

We can also provide a probity plan or work with independent probity auditors directly appointed by you.

Contracts and Tenders

We are able to outline contract options and draft tenders for projects that include your agreed requirements and conform to any state standard, policy or law.

In cases where projects are developed for project partners, we can facilitate consultation and decision making for the partnership arrangements. We will also liaise with legal counsel, particularly with regard to all technical matters relating to the WtE plant.

We can provide an evaluation framework for tenders and undertake an analytical assessment of responses with recommendations for your consideration.