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Martin Biopower has been established in Australia to offer a meaningful contribution to address waste management issues with positive outcomes for health and well-being of our communities and the environment and to contribute clean baseload energy to power the modern world.

We have the latest technology for WtE power plants and the capability to deliver solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market that will slot comfortably into the preferred hierarchy for waste treatment.

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It is important to have an independent view of how well your investment decisions are working in your business. With a quick, no-cost analysis based on over 100+ years of finance and engineering experience, we can give you just that.

We will overview the way you currently arrange your waste disposal and assess its trajectory in terms of your objectives, future costs, regulation and environmental results. This overview phase is intended to reveal new avenues and opportunities that will help you with your future considerations of strategic planning and investment options.

All we require is some basic information regarding your resource use, volumes, logistics of your operation and an agreed-upon time input. Our assessment will cover the options for your medium and long-term goals. We will ensure that you are informed about the best processes necessary to reach these goals.

In addition to this, you will receive a formal presentation of our assessment - no strings attached!



In addition to the design, hardware, parts and direct management options we provide for WtE projects, we also offer consulting services covering all aspects of waste management. 

Within our company we have direct experience that spans across Australia and Europe in both waste management and general management. This has enabled us the ability to provide a range of services from facilitation, participation project leadership or specific analysis and audit in order to help your business through various strategic and practical processes.

We constantly monitor the best practices in waste management worldwide, along with the technology, research and regulatory environmental changes within the industry. Our goal is to determine the best aspects of the current market’s opportunities and then integrate them into your business plans. In addition to this, we also are cautious to factor in the possible future innovations of the industry into the strategic decisions relevant to your business. 

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Martin Biopower - About Us - Consulting

The Team


Prof Dr Gerhard Janssen

Chief Executive Officer Martin Biopower Perth


Rod Constantine

Director Martin Biopower Perth


Dr Edmund Fleck

Director Martin GmbH/Munich; Director Martin Biopower Perth


Ulrich Martin

Board Member and Shareholder Martin GmbH/Munich; Director Martin Biopower Perth

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We can also prepare a free calculation for a range of plant outcomes from some basic knowledge of your waste feedstock and requirements.

Please fill in the request form to inform us of your requirements and we will contact you with information or to discuss how we can meet them.

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