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World Leader in Waste to Energy Technology


Martin Biopower has been established in Australia to offer meaningful contributions to a variety of waste-management issues. Our aim is to encourage positive outcomes for the health and well-being of our communities. In addition to this our goal is to contribute base load clean energy to power the modern world.

We have the latest technology for Waste-to-Energy power plants and the capability to deliver solutions to the Australian and New Zealand market. These solutions have been designed to slot comfortably into the preferred hierarchy for waste treatment.


How We Work

General Contractor

Martin Biopower will both develop/own Waste-to-Energy projects but will also answer to tenders by public or private clients. In most cases, supply of a turnkey plant will be requested, including...

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Combustion Service

Martin Biopower attaches great importance to service. We provide support in the form of overhaul and maintenance work throughout the entire service life of the combustion systems and boilers...

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Component / Lot Supplier

As this is at the heart of our expertise, Martin Biopower is well established to supply the combustion system or the lot combustion system / boiler to a project. We don’t only perform the...

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Spare Parts

Reliable, long-term provision of original spare parts to plants is of key importance. This means not only delivering high-quality spare parts manufactured by proven, quality-controlled suppliers but also...

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